Faster File Transfers

We deliver large files faster by optimizing TCP protocols for any device, server, and operating system.

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Stunning Analytics

Measure per-connection network metrics that enable visibility into end-customer network performance.  Address user experience issues to your cloud service proactively and reduce customer churn.

What We Do

We accelerate large file transfers.


Faster Large File Transfers


Faster Video Playback


Faster Big Data Delivery

How We Do It

By maximizing the utilization of your available bandwidth


Patented TCP optimization protocol.


Improved file transfer initiation.

Packet Loss Protection

Reduced impact of packet loss.

Why Choose Us

Our products are battle tested on all devices.

Million Accelerated Devices

Million Mobile App Downloads

Million Active App Users

Happy Customers

Read how SuperTCP reduced costs and improved performance for these great companies:

We have been searching for a method to improve our upload speeds to various clients. SuperTCP has proven to be a fast, reliable technology with no server overhead that is helping our work in numerous ways. Whether it be file transfer, video streaming or remote support, SuperTCP has proven to be a service that does more than just accelerate our uploads and downloads for clients. It also helps us to monitor and optimize our day-to-day work. Colour me impressed!

Bill Christie

IT Guy, Affinity Productions

We have used SuperTCP to transfer large files like Adobe Illustrator, client presentations and videos. These files can be huge, and in addition our clients, vendors and partners can be anywhere around the globe. With SuperTCP’s ability to transfer these files significantly faster, it feels like the files are being exchanged with someone who is next door. We believe this capability to iterate more frequently and in much more compressed timeframes gives Kenna an edge.

Paul Quigley

COO, Kenna Group

There is this product we are using, called SuperTCP. It works on the receiving end so we are trying to have a poor mans Aspera on our plain old FTP server if you will. Our clients are getting 3X the download speeds from our FTP servers. So far so good.




Brian Krusick

Information Technology Consultant, Logan TV

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